This story has already brought a long conversation here at the station. Police in Windcrest, Texas have started testing a new program where if an officer catches you speeding, running a red light or any other traffic violation, instead of being pulled over, you will get a text message with your warning or ticket. It certainly is an interesting concept that makes for a good conversation.

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Police in Windcrest, Texas, just Northeast of San Antonio, are trying out a new program from the company Trusted Driver Program. In a nutshell, if an officer catches you speeding or running a red light or any other traffic violation, you will receive a text message with your warning or traffic citation. This was created by a group of former San Antonio police officers. The hope for this program is to allow officers to concentrate more time on major traffic violations like DWI, racing, reckless drivers and others.

Drivers in that area just have to go to and enter your information, i.e., name, address, vehicle information, insurance, etc. You can also include any disabilities in your profile like PTSD, diabetes and autism among others. If you are caught committing a traffic violation, the officer will run your license plate. If you are signed up for the program, you will receive a text with your warning or citation. If you want to contest the ticket, you can schedule a virtual appointment with the court to discuss the issue.

On the bright side of this program, police can also send you a positive text message commending you on following traffic laws.

This is a program that could have a lot of potential. If it all goes well in this Bexar County town, it could spread to other parts of Texas.

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