It seems like all the time I am talking about all the fun activities available to people in Texas. But I think I found something brand new that I had never heard of or seen before and it’s catching a lot of attention in the South Padre Island area. The company is called SPI Exotic Jetcars, and they are the newest attraction on the water. 

Exotic Jetcars n Texas
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They are a brand-new company that rents out jetcars. What is a jetcar? It’s a watercraft designed to look like an exotic car powered by a high output jet ski engine. All participants must fill out a waiver prior to arrival or they will not be allowed on the jetcars. As you would expect all riders will also be required to wear a life jacket. 

Do You Need a License to Operate a Jetcar? 

The laws in Texas state that anyone born before September 1st, 1993 must have a valid driver's license. Anyone born after September 1st, 1993 must be 21 years of age and the driver is required to have a Texas Boaters Education Certificate. 

Exotic Jetcars
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These Will Be the New Attraction on the Water 

Everyone feels so comfortable in a car already, I’m guessing that this new attraction gains popularity quickly. It might not be long until we see these jetcars popping up all over the state of Texas for people to enjoy in the hot summer months. Would you be excited to try out this new water attraction in Texas or let someone else try it first? 

Exotic Jetcars in Texas
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