I’m certain that I am not alone feeling the crunch on the wallet as inflation is making everything cost more lately. It’s not just at the grocery store or filling up the gas tank. Every aspect of life seems to be costing more, and unfortunately, we all don’t get paid more just because things are costing more. Which is making everyone look at their expenses and see what can be eliminated. While car insurance is a necessity, I wanted to look at what vehicles are costing the most to insure in 2023 in the state of Texas. 

To be on the roads legally, car insurance is a must, but what makes your car insurance rates to go up? According to an article by Forbes there are multiple factors some of which have nothing to do with you. For example, if your insurance company has paid high liability auto claims for your specific vehicle that can affect your rates. The value of your car and repair costs also factors into your insurance rates. 

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Other Things That Influence Your Car Insurance Rates 

There are some things that affect your insurance rates that you do control such as your driving record, any recent lapse in insurance coverage, and the coverage you select for your vehicle. Make sure you talk to your agent or insurance company frequently to see what you can do to keep great coverage while trying to reduce your rates. 

Let’s Look at the Most Expensive Vehicles to Insure 

Remember to check with your insurance agent before purchasing any new vehicle to see how the purchase will affect your rates. Here is a look at some vehicles that cost quite a bit to insure. 

8 Most Expensive Vehicles to Insure in Texas in 2023

Here is a look at some vehicles that will come with high insurance rates in 2023.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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