Life isn’t fair sometimes, and one family is learning that the hard way right before Christmas. I was given the details on this tough story from a law enforcement Investigator in East Texas, and I had to share the details to see what could be done to assist this family. It’s heartbreaking to hear about a family in Marshall, Texas losing all of their possessions right before the holidays.  

Scott Robertson and his wife Jennifer work hard like most Texans to provide for their family. They aren’t rich, but love to call East Texas home. Unfortunately, on Tuesday, December 13th as a storm rolled through East Texas there was lightening that struck their home causing a fire. They lost their home and a vehicle. They also have a son who is in the 8th grade and a daughter in 3rd grade. Their son was home when the fire started but was able to escape without physical harm.  

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Can You Help This Hard-Working Family in Marshall, Texas? 

Scott is a game warden for Harrison County and Jennifer works at a local paint and body shop. They are trying to put their life back together after their home went up in flames. They are currently needing clothes and household items. Here are their clothing sizes. 

3rd grade girl: girls size 8-10, pants 10, 2 in shoes 

8th grade boy: men’s medium shirts, 29x32 jeans, 10 ½-11 shoes 

Adult female: large shirts, 12 pants, 7 ½ shoes 

Adult male: large shirts, 32x32 or larger waist in pants, 9 ½ shoes. 

You Can Help by Donating Cash Too 


Cash App: $ JenniLeighR 

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