So, yeah, 2020 is the year we will never talk about, ever, in the future. We almost had WW3, Australia was on fire, Kobe Bryant died, COVID-19 moved us all inside, and now, an asteroid will pass close to the Earth. Hip, hip, hooray.

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So now that I'm done with the moaning, let's get to the facts. The asteroid known as 1998 OR2, because it was discovered in 1998, will pass about 4 million miles from Earth Wednesday (April 29) morning at 4:46 CDT according to 4 million miles in space terms is extremely close.

Here's why this is considered news worthy, any object that gets as close as 19.5 lunar distances of Earth is considered a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid by the Center for Near Earth Objects. Will it hit us? No. But it will be close enough to view with a telescope. You can also watch a live stream of it passing by at

Happy sky watching friends.

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