Fishing is a way of life in the state of Texas. There are many people that say fishing is their passion, when they are not at work or taking care of things at home, they like to spend their time with a line in the water just waiting for the fish to bite. Beyond catching fish it’s a great way to enjoy some time with buddies, except when your buddy messes up big time and let’s your big fish go while holding the net. 

While I enjoy spending time fishing, I rarely get time on the water, but I still enjoy listening to other people tell me about their time on the water. So, when I saw this fishing video on Facebook out of Galveston, I wanted to see the catch. As you will see below in the video it looks like these two friends were fishing in Galveston and one of them hooks a pretty large fish but that is only the beginning. 

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The Fish is on the Line 

The short video begins with these guys already in the water and within the first second or two there is a big fish on the line. They get the fish in the net and take the hook out of its mouth. Then within a few seconds the fish was able to jump out of the net due to one of the guys not holding the net correctly. You can tell he feels horrible, immediately. 

Ugh, Disappointment 

The fish was gone instantly and the buddy who was holding the net immediately turns to his friend and says, “I’m so sorry”. It’s the only thing you can say. Oh man, I bet he doesn’t make this mistake again. Video captured by @beforeoutdoors on TikTok.

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