This story may not be suitable for everyone. Fitness guru, Richard Simmons, was on "Access Hollywood Live" yesterday and his behavior has got to be seen to be believed. Richard is, how do you say, flamboyant, to say the least, and when he saw "Dancing With The Stars" Maksim Chmerkovskiy, he was out of control.

Simmons' antics started right when he walked out on the set at "Access Hollywood." Starting with speaking in a weird "Indian" accent while on how he actually carved a piece of wood into a bowl, which he also put on his head. Then he spoke in a Southern drawl and made remarks about biscuits.

But the real craziness happened when Makism Chmerkovskiy from "Dancing With The Stars" came on the set. It looks to me that the 64-year-old fitness instructor has finally lost it.

Watch at your own risk! Ha Ha

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