Florida Georgia Line are not breaking up despite recent rumors to the contrary, but Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley have revealed plans for each of them to step outside of the superstar duo to release solo music in the new year.

In a video they posted to social media on New Year's Day on Friday (Jan. 1), Kelley and Hubbard say that the downtime they've had from touring over the last year gave each of them a new perspective on their music. Kelley says that while he spent a lot of time on sports and recreation as he and his wife rode out their period of isolation in Florida, "kinda where I landed, man, is really falling in love with my guitar, and writing songs again, even more than ever."

He notes that although fans have been unaware of it, he and Hubbard had conversations several years ago about the fact that Kelley's had a "lifelong dream" to release solo music, but the time has never been right. During his time in quarantine, he started writing songs that "I just felt, I think I'm supposed to sing these, and probably have a project or an outlet for these to come out on."

Kelley says the duo are "really creating some freedom for ourselves" to work outside of the framework of FGL, in addition to continuing to work together. Florida Georgia Line are slated to release their fifth studio album, Life Rolls On, in February, and in the video below, they say they're holding some dates for 2021 in hopes that they'll be able to return to the road.

Hubbard is careful to emphasize that they are moving forward with more freedom, not breaking up. The duo already addressed rumors of a breakup in November that stemmed from Hubbard briefly unfollowing Kelley on Instagram during a politically fraught time around the bitterly contested presidential election.

"So anyone who says that, you can just tell 'em, hey, from the mouth of Tyler and BK, we're not breaking up. We're just venturing out, we're just doing some individual things that we're excited about," Hubbard states.

Kelley estimates that he might have solo music ready for release by the summer, while Hubbard did not clarify a timeline for whatever music he has coming outside of Florida Georgia Line, which he and Hubbard both referred to as collaborations with artists he has not yet revealed.

"We want y’all to continue to be a part of our journey and really appreciate all the love and support over the years. We have the best fans in the world which makes it easy to continue making music for y’all and playing shows," they write to accompany their video message. "Here’s to 2021 being the BEST YEAR YET. Let’s gooooo. See y’all on the road and we’ve never been more excited."

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