On Monday morning, the ’Today’ show interviewed Kathy Shino, a Florida grandmother who found herself trapped in a muddy swamp up to her neck for an astounding four days.

On June 17, the 62-year-old grandmother decided to take an evening stroll. But things went horribly wrong when she became hopelessly trapped in a dense thicket of mud and branches.

Shino apparently blacked out during her walk due to “undetermined medical reasons” and woke to find herself submerged in murky water and mangrove roots, with ants crawling on her face and fish nibbling at her body.

She remained there for four long days without food and water. “I couldn’t go to sleep. I had to stay awake, especially at night,” said Shino. “I never realized how long 24 hours really is.”

And yet, Shino never lost her sense of humor, she said, reminding herself during the ordeal that “people pay a lot of money to go sit in mud spas and [I thought], ‘They’re wasting their money. It’s not what it’s cracked up to be.’”

Fortunately, neighbors heard Shino calling for help and they altered authorities, who cut the grandmother free using chainsaws.

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