Tobey Maguire is out, and British actor Andrew Garfield will be playing Spider-Man in next year’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man,’ a reboot of the comic classic.

A photo of Garfield as Spider-Man graces the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly, which also features behind-the-scene photos from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man,’ and interviews with Garfield,  fellow cast member Emma Stone and director Mark Webb.

In EW, Garfield says Spider-Man is a role he’s been preparing for his whole life. The 27-year-old says, “I related to Peter Parker [Spidey’s alter ego] so much because I felt like someone else inside. I loved the comic books and the animated TV series and I even dressed up as Spider-Man as a kid.”

The first trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man” is scheduled for release next week.

Check out the full cover photo below.


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