Years ago when I didn't have to deal with things like heartburn I would love to do food challenges. Eating as much food as possible used to be fun, I wasn't as interested in the timed challenges because those make it so much more difficult but either way I was never successful. Occasionally I could eat more than some buddies but I'm certain I couldn't finish any of these extreme eating challenges you can find near Dallas, Texas.

As you look at the challenges below you will notice that it doesn't matter what kind of food you like there is a challenge for you. But I will suggest if you are determined to try any of the food challenges below make sure you bring someone to drive you home, you don't want to get behind the wheel after that much food is consumed.

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What Foods Can You Choose From to Complete a Challenge

As you look at the photos below you have a variety of options like a 7-pound burger, 4-pound breakfast burrito, 30-inch pizza (plus 40-ounce beer), 5-gallon bowl of Pho, or 20 scoops of ice cream with lots of candies on top. While they might sound delicious now, when the food is in front of you it doesn't look as appealing.

All of These Challenges Have Time Limits

Each of the challenges listed below have time limits with the longest being ninety minutes to finish all of the food. It might seem like a lot of time but it really isn't that much.
Let's look at the food challenges and see if you're up for any of them.

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