Of course, we would all love to be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our family but sometimes that isn't an option. Others will be spending that holiday time with family and would prefer not to cook and or clean up the mess. Which is why people on a local social media page started discussing the options for which restaurants would be open. If you're looking for a restaurant to take yourself or your family on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in Tyler, TX here are the options that were suggested.

Before I jump into all the suggestions I want to make it very clear that I haven't contacted all of the restaurants mentioned below, while some of them are certain to be open others might be closing early on Christmas Eve. So, before you set your plans you will want to make sure you reach out to the restaurant you want to visit and make sure they will be open or at least see what hours they will be open to the public.

Two Things You Must Remember When Visiting a Restaurant on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

There are a few things you need to remember when eating at a restaurant on Christmas or the day before. The first being that you need to be nice to these employees, they are working hard so you don't have to work at all. Kindness goes a long way, so be respectful. Also, tip big on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Trust me it will be very much appreciated.

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Let's Look At the Restaurants Available to You

Reminder, these restaurants were suggested by locals they are not 100% guaranteed to be open. Make sure you call to confirm with the restaurant you want to visit. Okay, here are the suggested restaurants for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Yummy Food Options Open in Tyler, TX on Christmas Eve and Day

Here is a look at some of your restaurant options available to you as suggested by locals around Tyler, Texas.

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