An ex-Central Texas lawyer asked a judge to spare him prison time.

According to a report from the WacoTrib, Kyle Layman, a former lawyer who served the Waco area, is still looking at serving his prison time after requesting that the judge release him from jail.

I've been following this story since the news broke almost 2 years ago. Layman was hired by a mother who was concerned about her then 14-year-old daughter at school. Layman convinced the mother and daughter that he needed the young girl's phone number in order to interview her about the case.

Unfortunately, protecting this girl from further abuse was the last thing on Layman's mind. Instead, he began sending the girl risqué texts that made her uncomfortable. The 14-year-old informed her mother, who then reported Layman to local law enforcement. At that time, investigators took over communications with Layman, who was looking to solicit sex from the minor.

Layman was able to have his day in court and pleaded guilty to criminal solicitation of a minor. At that time, Layman was sentenced to 10 years in prison despite his request for deferred probation.

Layman's been serving his time in the McLennan County Jail due to overcrowding in Texas prisons, so he's had it pretty easy if you ask me. However, Layman seems to think it hasn't hasn't been easy enough.

On Layman's behalf, his lawyer, Robert Callahan, asked the judge to overturn his sentence and to place him on “shock probation.” This probation term allows a defendant to serve 180 days in prison for the "shock" effect, and then allows them to return home and serve the remainder of their time on probation.

What the what?

Fortunately for us, the judge wasn't buying it either and Layman will be serving his full sentence.

We don't need "men" who attempt to coerce minors into sex walking free with little repercussion. Plus, Layman has a history of soliciting sex from clients and potential clients, so I think he's good where he's at.

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