For those of you living in Athens, you have probably seen a van with The Soul Kitchen on the window driving around town around lunch time.

Her name is Willa Johnson and she lives in Fort Worth. She makes trips during the summer to fix meals and hand them out to those who otherwise may not have a hot meal.

WFAA in Dallas took that trip with Willa to show what she does.

Get this, she leaves her house at 1 A.M. 1 A.M.! She starts cooking when she gets to her kitchen in Athens.

Think about that. Leave Fort Worth at 1 A.M., starts cooking probably around 3 A.M., give or take. She's rocking and rolling before we've even thought about waking up.

Watching the WFAA report, Willa's energy is contagious. And I really want to try some of her catfish. Damn, that looked good.

On the day WFAA followed her, she handed out 300 meals.

The reason she does it is simply because she feels God called her to do it.

Willa quit her job to do this. There is nothing in the report if she gets help but a GoFundme account is in place if you would like to donate.

God bless you Willa, and if you see her in Athens today, tell her the same.

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