For most people it's not a question of whether you've watched the television show 'Friends', it's how many times they've seen the episodes. The once gigantic television show has been off air for almost 17 years and people still quote the show like it's still showing new episodes. Which is why it's such great news to hear that one bar in Dallas has changed to have everything in their building themed like the shoe 'Friends'.

@mycurlyadventures The friends themed pop up bar you didn’t know you needed #texas #friendstvshow #dallastx ♬ I'll Be There for You (TV Version with Dialogue) - The Rembrandts

The Whippersnapper bar is located at Henderson and McMillan (1806 McMillan Ave.) and just launched the new theme Thursday, January 20th. It gives fan of the television show a chance to take all the pics they want for social media as they have recreated sets from the show. Fans can sit in replica recliners for characters Joey and Chandler, with a foosball table set up too. Visitors can also grab a drink at what looks like Central Perk the coffee shop that the characters on the show often visit.

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Beyond Décor What Else Is Going on With the 'Friends' Themed Bar in Dallas?

There are food and beverage options that people can choose from that are named after characters from the show. There are special food options inspired by episode title names, and pop up merchandise for sale.

@dallashotspots Friends pop-up! ☕️👏💚 #dallashotspots #friendstvshow #Friends #dallas #dfw #fyp #rachelgreen #popup #texas #dallastx #dallastiktok #tx ♬ Better Days - NEIKED & Mae Muller

When is the 'Friends' Themed Bar Open?

You can visit the popular new themed bar Wednesday through Saturday from 6:00 pm until 2:00 am. The theme is for a limited time, so if you're a big fan of the show make your PIVOT to go soon.

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