There is nothing more disgusting than someone who takes advantage of others, especially those that cannot defend themselves like kids, pets, and elderly. So when I heard that the Marshall/Harrison County Crime Stoppers needed assistance finding a fugitive wanted for Indecency with a child I wanted to help spread the word as quickly as possible.

The photo above is of the wanted fugitive Jose Orlando Ortega Manueles. This fugitive had a last known address in Marshall, TX and that is where law enforcement will be focusing a lot of their attention when looking for him. But it's important for all of East Texas to know about this predator that is currently on the run from law enforcement.

Information Regarding the Wanted Fugitive, Jose Orlando Ortega Manueles

The wanted individual is approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, and weighs around 125 lbs. His date of birth is 6/11/2000, so he is currently 21 years of age. If you know where Jose is currently law enforcement doesn't want you trying to apprehend him, please just call the police immediately. You can reach the Marshall Police Department at (903)935-4575 or if you want to be anonymous with your tip you can contact Crime Stoppers of Marshall/Harrison County by calling (903)935-9969.

You Should Share This Information With Your Friends and Family

The last thing you want is for a friend or family member to become a victim. It's important to get these serious offenders behind bars as quickly as possible, there are consequences for your actions and this guy needs to learn that lesson.

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