No matter your age, snow is a beautiful sight. But in Dallas, TX and most of the Lone Star State, there's just not much we can do when we do get it, it's usually such a small amount.

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I spent most of my childhood in Idaho, where we had snow on the ground pretty much half of the year, but you know what? Even in Idaho, where snow was a major part of life, kids still ran to the windows to watch it fall down blanketing our school playground.

Growing up, I always enjoyed taking my black lab for a freezing walk in fresh powder. The bright white snow would light up our entire town, I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, me or my dog.

This weekend parts of Texas experienced frigid cold temperatures and with that a  sprinkling of snow. Like outside my window right now looks like IHOP french toast, minus the syrup, you know just the powdered sugar.

Well, guess what? It's just enough to shut The Lone Star State down but not too much else. For instance only pluckiest Texas kid might be able to piece together a four-inch snowman in their front yard today.

No, in Texas we are more accustomed to 100 degree days than snow days, in fact Tyler, TX averages around eleven 100-degree days per year. Because of this many more folks have swimming pools in their backyards than snowmobiles in the garages.



So, if you can find a pool I recommend taking the always fun polar plunge, that's still attainable no matter how little snow we get here in Texas. And, hey, while you work up the courage, check this out:

Top 6 Things You Can Not Do in Less Than an Inch of Texas Snowfall

Snow is a beautiful sight to behold, but in Dallas, TX and most of the Lone Star State, there's just not much we can do when we get it and plus it's usually such a little bit of snowfall anyway.

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