I love some a lot of coffee. I didn't start drinking 'till later in life, but you can trust that I am making up for it these days. I'm not a snob in the least, though. I'm just looking for something to give me a little boost.

To be honest, sometimes crappy-tasting coffee gets me perked up even faster. Anybody else? Just how bad am I at coffee? I still get nervous ordering coffee any time I'm out, over here trying not to look dumb.

Oh, and I just asked a co-worker last week how to use the Keurig. I got it now though.

I'll drink coffee in many ways. I like coffee black with a little sugar, I like it cold with a little more sugar. I'll partake in an iced caramel macchiato every now and then, and a cold brew is a refreshing pick-me-up. The only way I don't like my coffee is piping hot. It's just I've got this sensitive little baby mouth.

Ok - what are the worst coffees in Texas?

We're going to reference a recent list compiled by 247WallSt about which coffee brands you should avoid. I'm not gonna give away which brands top the list at No. 1, but I will say their marketing would have you believe that "The Best Part of Waking Up," is their swill in your cup.


#6 Kirkland Signature

The brand seldom discloses specific information about where its coffee beans are sourced from, leaving consumers guessing about the origins, quality, and ethical standards of the beans used in their blends.

#5 Nescafe

The brand’s failure to offer organic certified coffees, coupled with the potential for chemicals and mold in their products, is concerning to their consumers.

#4 Yuban

Previously known for using 100% Colombian beans, the brand shifted to a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans from unspecified Latin American regions. This change, perceived as a move towards cheaper, lower-quality beans, resulted in a noticeable decline in taste

#3 Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee’s decline in quality can be traced back to its acquisition and subsequent corporate direction shift. Originally celebrated for its independent, high-quality coffee, the company’s focus shifted towards cost-cutting and mass production.


#2. Death Wish Coffee

The brand predominantly uses a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, the latter often considered lower in quality compared to Arabica.

#1. Folgers

Known for its pre-ground coffee, Folgers lacks organic options, leading to concerns about the freshness and quality of its brews.

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