How many of you watch the Walking Dead? I just started about a month ago and I'm loving the series. How many of you think you could be a survivor like Rick or Daryl? I bet a lot of you sit there during the show and say "This is what I would do."

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However, I give you a case of some people that I believe wouldn't have a chance during a zombie apocalypse.

This story comes out of Saugus, California where a family got into a fit, in their home, over toilet paper according to Not the somewhat less ridiculous out shopping for it, in their own home.

It all happened at 3 a.m. when the mother of the household was accused of hiding toilet paper by the son because she thought he was using too much. He punched his mother.

Police were called to the incident.

I just have a feeling these folks would be too busy arguing about something silly and would not see the zombies approaching.

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