George Strait doesn't want you to talk or text. Well, at least not during a show at any Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

The country music legend recently cut a public service announcement-esque video for the cinema chain, which is famously known for its strict policing of movie theater etiquette. The website even reads: "We have zero tolerance for talking or cellphone use of any kind during movies, and we aren't afraid to kick anyone rude enough to start texting their friends during a show right out of the theater."

In the video, Strait begins by introducing himself and welcoming all viewers to the Alamo Drafthouse. However, before he can finish his next sentence, his cellphone starts ringing and interrupts the announcement. Strait makes an embarrassed face and says "Sorry about that. Hey, don't be that guy."

Obviously a spoof, the video then posts a banner of words onscreen that read: "You talk. You text. You disappoint George Strait. Don't be that guy."

Throughout the video, Strait features his Codigo tequila, plugs his September Vegas shows and also references his 1992 musical western film Pure Country ("So I hope you enjoy the movie Pure Country"), so it's likely that the ad is only running before that film and not all of the Alamo's feature movies.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has 22 locations nationwide and originally launched in Strait's home state of Texas in the late '90s.

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