This is a new superstition for me. Do you know why Brides bury a bottle of whiskey before they get married?

The idea is to prevent bad weather, and with so many weddings planned outdoors, Brides will do just about anything to prevent a disaster.

So how does this work? According to, the bride is supposed to bury a bottle of bourbon or whiskey at the wedding venue exactly one month before the big day. This is supposed to prevent bad weather.

I did not do this, and I would be surprised if many venues allowed this. Supposedly the bottle is supposed to be unopened and buried upside down on the spot where the vows will take place.

Even if I had known about this tradition, I don't think my coordinator would have allowed me to dig on the golf course, and thankfully all of our ceremony and party took place indoors. We took photos outside, because the weather was really nice - a balmy 65 degrees in January, but we had inside options if the weather had taken a turn for the worse.

Would you try this if you were planning to say 'I Do' outside? Or maybe you or someone you know already has. Did it work?

The good news is you're encouraged to dig it up and drink after the vows when the party gets started!

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