Glen Campbell bids a fond farewell to life in the country music industry in the music video for his final single, "Adios."

In the emotional video, the last of his career, Campbell's haunting voice plays over shots of his famed guitar being passed like a torch to different family members as it makes its way from Tennessee to California, starting in Nashville with one of the video's opening scenes showcasing the guitar sitting in its case with the famous city skyline in the background and stopping in the desert, at the beach and historic Highway 66 along the way. In between, old photos of the country legend recording in the studio pack even more nostalgia into the already poignant video.

Campbell's daughter Ashley also makes an appearance, packing up her father's signature guitar before passing it on to another family member so it can start its journey. The video comes to a somber end with grandson Jeremy Olson tossing the revered instrument into the ocean waves before lighting a match and setting it ablaze in what's known as a Viking's funeral.

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"In my view, 'Adios' is Glen’s farewell to the spotlight. I wanted the music video to reflect those sentiments. The fact that no one will ever hold a match to Glen’s skill on the guitar is memorialized by giving his guitar a proper ‘Viking Funeral’ on the California coast," explains video director Peter Zavadil in a press release.

"Adios" serves as the title track of Campbell's final album, which was released in June of 2017. Ashley revealed in an interview that her father's Alzheimer's has progressed so much that he is unaware that he has an album out. Adios is a collection of songs Campbell has admired throughout his career that he's wanted to record by the likes of Bob Dylan, Roger Miller and Willie Nelson.

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