It's one of those things that when you hear it you don't believe it until you see it! Video in this case proves there is a dog in Texas that rides a horse!

The 10 year old labrador retriever holds the reigns in her mouth and rides her horse as you and I would. UPI discovered the video from Kathryn Ryckman of Beorne who shared the video of her dog Maizey riding her horse Bailey in a specially outfitted saddle so that she wouldn't fall off Bailey's back. In addition to riding horseback, this talented dog can also lead her horse to the stall or pen using a lead rope.

It would be a miracle if I could get my hyperactive border collie mix to do something like this! I just want my dog to bring the ball back to me a second or third time after throwing it and not just bring it back to me on the first time!

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