Granger Smith is to YouTube in Texas Music what Andy Samberg is to it everywhere else. Besides writing and singing hit songs, Granger and his band have a reputation for developing characters and funny songs, of which they make videos  -- then upload 'em to YouTube. But Granger's latest country boy character may prove to be a game-changer for the guys.

There's been countless videos contributed to the internet courtesy of Granger and the guys. From less popular (but still funny) skits like "Live with Lionel"  to very popular skits like "Don't Touch the Turtles" his "MTV Cribs" episode or two of my personal favorites "Freddy's Enchiladas" and "B-24," the guys obviously have a lot of spare time on the road.

So many characters, ideas, funny songs and videos but none until "Earl Dibbles Jr." have garnered national attention -- yup! National attention.


Tuesday Earl Dibble's Jr. released his first single, "The Country Boy Song" which shot straight to No. 1 on iTunes -- above guys named Church, Chesney and Bentley. The corresponding video, as of right now, has nearly 16,000 views on YouTube -- that's within it's first forty-eight hours live. It should also be noted the original Earl Dibbles Jr. (Country Boy) video is well on it's way to 500,000 views.

Most surprisingly though,  it seems some are turning Earl Dibbles Jr. into a statement about the direction of country music. credits the Dibbles character with "exposing the moronic, stereotypical, rehashed, and creatively-vacant world of corporate country’s checklist culture."

That's cool and all, but probably not what Smith had in mind in the beginning -- but I say embrace it.

Granger told that he will be sharing the stage at live shows with Earl, "We are going to play our whole show, then I'll leave at the end, and I'll throw on the hat and overalls, and Earl will come out -- as if he's the headliner."

We'll find out first hand what Granger has to say about the Earl Dibbles Jr. phenomenon this Saturday when he calls into Radio Texas, LIVE! so don't miss it.

In the mean time here it is, the video to the song that's sweeping the nation, Earl Dibbles Jr. debut single "The Country Boy Song." Click here to download it on iTunes.

Sometimes I wonder what Granger Smith would do without YouTube -- Did you know Granger Smith was Adolf Hitler's favorite artist? Not exactly sure if that's a good thing though.

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