We all know that Texas has thousands of really good restaurants serving all types of different delicious foods. We’re all going to have our own personal favorites and some of my absolute favorites made this list. And there are some on this list that I haven’t tried yet, but after hearing so many people talk so highly about them for years they need the television personality Guy Fieri to visit their restaurant. 

These aren’t just any restaurants these ones are loved by so many people here in East Texas. It’s more than just a job for the employees, managers, and owners. They genuinely love making these delicious meals for people here in East Texas which is even more reason why I believe that Guy Fieri would love them and so would his audience. 

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Guy Fieri Would Love These East Texas Restaurants 

When you see Guy Fieri and his legendary hair style on television you can tell he has a passion for cooking and eating delicious food. Which is why I think he would truly love these restaurants in East Texas. None of the restaurants listed below are chains, while a couple of the restaurants listed below have multiple locations they are all found only here in East Texas. 

Let’s Look at the East Texas Restaurants Guy Fieri Should Visit 

I created this list in no particular order as they are all deserving of the recognition that comes with a celebrity like Guy visiting their location. But here is a look at the 7 East Texas restaurants that I believe deserve a visit by Guy Fieri. 

7 East Texas in East Texas That Guy Fieri Needs to Visit

The television personality known for making and eating delicious foods would truly enjoy visiting these 7 restaurants in East Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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