It's a weekend trip that any guy, and some ladies, would love. It's called the Hemi Hideout in the small town of Brookshire, Texas just West of Houston off I-10. Inside the Hemi Hideout is a collection of Dodge muscle cars, neon signs and other car memorabilia that you can ohh and aww at.

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Guys reading this are already texting their buddies and making plans for this weekend to head to the small town of Brookshire, Texas. Here you can find a garage that is full of classic neon signs, classic Dodge muscle cars and will take you back to a simpler time. The best part is that it's all free to stop by and check out. The proprietor does ask for a $5 donation that he then gives to local charities.

The Hemi Hideout is even available for a birthday party, a wedding or, as is talked about in the video, even a funeral. Whatever the occasion, this garage is pretty impressive as it's full of several Dodge muscle cars and is lit by some very cool looking, and very vintage, neon signs, some close to 100 years old. A couple of those century old signs include a Dodge Brothers sign and Lonestar Beer sign.

From East Texas, this would be a, give or take, four hour drive to get to Brookshire, Texas to visit the Hemi Hideout. You'll get to drive your wife or girlfriend nuts talking about the great time you and guys had stopping by this ultimate man cave.

Hemi Hideout in Brookshire, Texas

This garage is the ultimate man cave full of Dodge muscle cars, neon signs and nostalgia.

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