For all the 'Lord of The Rings' fans out there, today is a big day! It's the birthday of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins - the world's favorite hobbits.

Not only is today Hobbit Day, but this entire week is designated as Tolkien Week!

Bilbo and Frodo are two of the main characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's 'Lord of The Rings' Series. These two hobbits lead all readers and viewers through hours of adventures and new lands.

If you're curious about how you should celebrate, I would recommend watching 'The Fellowship of the Ring,' or at least the beginning of it because it starts with Bilbo's birthday celebration. There is an enormous party with food, fireworks and fun - typical hobbit style.

If you aren't feeling a party today, some other popular observations include going without shoes today (since hobbits don't wear shoes) or simply having a movie marathon all day! If you're in the mood to start up a new book, you could always read one of Tolkien's original books.

Don't forget that the second part of 'The Hobbit' movie comes out in December too!

I wish everyone the best of Hobbit Days and hope that you'll share your favorite ways to celebrate with us!