We still have time to shop. However, we're not far out from Christmas as of this writing. If you find yourself under the gun and need a last-minute gift option they'll actually like, here are 10 of the best places to shop in Tyler, Texas.

I'm so thankful that it's Christmastime. I'm hoping we all have a chance to gather our wits and rest a bit. However, this means our typical holiday schedule has been altered a bit. Maybe we're just frazzled and braving the crowds seems overwhelming. For some of us, shopping for presents has been on the back burner, despite our very best intentions.

For whatever reason, some of us just can't get our shopping done in time. (Raises hand.)

You'd think that with all of the many options in our modern world, this wouldn't be such an impossible goal, but soon, some of us will find ourselves staring blankly out the window as we realize we are about to be disowned forever if we don't get something our loved ones will love.

Okay, maybe disowned is a bit over-dramatic but I've met some families that can get quite snarky with one another. Hopefully, that's not yours--but I digress.

Perhaps this may help?

Thank you, gift demi-gods, that there are still one or two gift ideas that still seem to be well-received by most people and come across as thoughtful, even. Ready?

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Most humans like movies.

Happily, even on Christmas Day, you can usually swing by a theater and ask for a popcorn bucket, some of that uber-expensive movie candy, and a gift card. It'd be nice if you could have some tissue paper and ribbon on hand to at least add a little holiday flair--but there you go.

Some local places to consider? Time Square Cinema or Studio Movie Grill.  Also, I bet the Liberty Hall in downtown Tyler would happily help you with this, as well.

Many humans like coffee and/or tea.

Ding, ding, ding. Find a coffee shop, grab some gourmet coffee, an interesting mug, and of course, a gift card. (The same note regarding tissue paper and ribbon applies. ;))

Some local places to consider? How about Nobilitea, Crema Coffee Co., The Foundry, Big Shot Coffee House...I mean really, the options are MANY.

What about fun, thoughtful gifts you can easily create in as little as half an hour? For example:

A fun box.

This is something my dad used to always get for me and I loved it! Find one gift that's a bit more practical, if you'd like but then go crazy. Adults need to be reminded not to take everything so seriously. Get some bubbles, sea monkeys, a puzzle, a Pez dispenser, or whatever else you think might make your particular friend smile.

Some local places to consider? Think of hobby shops like Hobby Town. One of my favorite places to go if I'm shopping for someone who loves food is Sweet Gourmet in the French Quarter.

A basket filled with lotions, creams, etc. OR SNACKS.

If it's a man or someone not into smelly salves, make a snack basket they can keep at work or in their secret stash at home. Either way, very often those places also offer gift cards from restaurants, too.

Some local places to consider? There are just so many possibilities when it comes to lotions and things. Take a moment and consider what your gift recipient likes. Stop by and get chocolate from Sweet Gourmet. You can find lots of neat seasonal items at Fresh by Brookshire's. What about picking up a cigar from The Humidor.

None of those work? OK, then what about this?

Order tickets to a show or concert online...bring a card with a handwritten note telling them what's on the way.

Any others you'd add to this list? Let us know.

Honestly, you may find that people end up liking your "last-minute" gift more than anything else they receive this year.

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