Here in Texas just like all over the world, most people either love Walmart or they hate it. My wife for example cannot stand going into the grocery giant, she doesn’t like the huge amount of people, and now you add all the employees shopping for the online orders with their huge containers for all the orders. It stresses her out, but she is not alone because recently there was a list created of the top reasons we hate Walmart stores. 

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Now I have to admit I am on the other side of this debate. I don’t mind going to Walmart, which is why I do the grocery shopping in our house. No, it’s not my favorite activity ever, but I know that groceries are a necessity, so I put the aggravation behind me and just knock out the shopping trip. Plus, I have to admit I do appreciate the rollback prices they have going on because they are such a large corporation and can buy in bulk and sometimes, they pass along those savings.  

Drone Shopping Coming Soon 

We’ve all heard rumors about drone deliveries coming to Walmart stores soon. I’m excited to see how that develops and just how quickly I can order items and they appear at my house. But that time hasn’t arrived just yet, but that could help solve some of the reasons listed below as to why some people hate Walmart. 

Let’s See the Biggest Complaints 

Here is a look at the biggest reasons as to why people don’t like Walmart according to Finance Buzz after collecting responses from unhappy customers.  

Top Reasons Why People Hate Walmart Stores

Here are the biggest complaints about Walmart stores across the state of Texas.

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