When most women think about their dream wedding day it’s a gorgeous day with friends and family celebrating their forever relationship. Well, you can experience that type of wedding if you want, while still having it take place in the most haunted bar in the state of Texas. I had never heard about the Devil’s Backbone Tavern until recently but they are quite proud to be the oldest dive bar in Texas with a restored dance hall. 

As I was scrolling through social media last week, I noticed a post in a group about Texas and that was the first time I had ever heard of this dive bar that is well known for being haunted. The exact address is 4041 FM 32 in Fischer, TX 78623. If you’ve never been to Fischer, TX it’s located in the hill country, just west of San Marcos. According to people on social media it’s located on the most haunted stretch of road in the state of Texas. 

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You Can Schedule Your Wedding at this Haunted Dive Bar in Texas 

There are some people that really love haunted places and if you want to have your wedding at what is known as the most haunted bar around, you can make that happen at the Devil’s Backbone Tavern. You would have lots of stories to tell after tying the knot here. 

Some People Spread the Ashes of Loved Ones Here 

While I cannot confirm it because I haven’t visited this tavern yet, there was a post on social media regarding some people bringing ashes of loved ones to this bar and spreading them through a hole in the floor. It sounds a little creepy to me, but maybe those were the final wishes. Would you ever visit the Devil’s Backbone Tavern? 

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