It is a horrible thing to see a child that has fallen so ill. Local youngster Ana Montanez is suffering from a rare kidney disease that is trying to steal her childhood. This 9-year-old girl and her loving parents are having to face such hard times because of her illness. Here is how you can help them through this difficult time, by helping them with the ever growing medical costs. 

Ana Montanez suffers from Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis Type 2. This rare disease causes kidney failure amongst a list of other threats to this young girl's body.

After many tests, Ana was finally diagnosed with MGT2. Her first symptoms appeared on a trip to her father's home in West Texas. Her eyes, arms, and legs began to swell. These very generic symptoms led to her long history of tests both, here in East Texas and all the way in Dallas at the Children's Medical Center. Since her final diagnosis was found, Ana has now faced the treatments to aide her through this disease.

Battling blood clots and kidney failure, this little one is in and out of the hospital. The doctors believe she will, more than likely, end up needing dialysis and a future transplant surgery. All of these treatments cost exorbitant amounts of money.

Trips to Trinity Mother Frances here in Tyler, and also to the Children's Medical Center in Dallas are starting to add up. Tests, treatments, hospital stays, and all the other piling bills are taking a toll of little Ana's family.

Though they do have insurance, there are some things that insurance will not pay for. These are the growing costs that are weighing down a family, already going through so much. So, the Montanez family is asking for help.

There is a campaign at to help the family raise $10,000 for Ana's medical and travel expenses. With only one week left to donate, the family has received just over $3,000.

Let's help them reach their goal.

Click here to begin giving this family in need a gift they will never forget. Helping them will help little Ana get through this difficult time with more ease.