This is the second story to make national headlines this week when a hero gets in trouble for saving someone's life. First, a lifeguard in Florida was fired because he "went outside his coverage area" to save a man who was drowning. And now, a firefighter in Philadelphia is being investigated after saving a woman's life.

Fran Cheney arrived at the home of Mary Jackson on Engine 61 as it was being engulfed in flames. Mary's brother was outside screaming that his sister was still inside. Cheney went in and heard her screaming on the second floor, and described her as "just smoky, heaving, trying to catch her breath. I mean it was just, you could hear it, she was in distress."

Next, Cheney did what any firefighter would do when another life was at risk. Describing his actions, he said, "I take a quick breath, rip my helmet off, give her the mask – it's on positive pressure, which means it just blows smoke away from her – and I just say, 'Let's go.'"

Cheney then put his own life at risk as he carried her down the stairs and got her safely outside. Cheney was uninjured but stayed the night at a local hospital to treat smoke inhalation. As if saving her life wasn't enough -- he gave Ms. Jackson the $500 he earned in overtime work to help her get back on her feet.

Many consider Cheney a hero -- everyone except for his bosses. During a bedside visit at an area hospital, a top fire department official told Cheney his actions were not “very smart,” and there is now a pending investigation on the rescue. The investigation is on whether or not Cheney followed protocol by taking off his breathing mask and placing it on the victim.

When asked about the situation, Cheney responded, “You know, at that time I'm not worrying about directives,” he said. “I'm not worrying about paperwork. I'm worrying about this woman and a family worrying about her, whether she's alive in that house right now."

Now it seems that Cheney absolutely did the right thing. Cheney would probably be receiving criticism if he hadn't placed his mask on the victim and she had lost her life. Just as the lifeguard in Florida would be reprimanded for letting a man die just because it was a few steps out of his boundary.

Do you think Cheney should be reprimanded for his actions?


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