It goes without saying that we are all proud of Bubba for becoming a volunteer firefighter. That is a huge task and commands our respect. But "huge task" has a double meaning when it comes to Bubba, his calves. They are so huge that he had to get fitted for special firefighter boots.

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One of Bubba's fellow firefighters, Robbie came to the Big D and Bubba studio to talk about the process it's been finding proper boots for Bubba. Robbie explained that an average calf size of the firefighters has been about ten to twelve inches. Bubba's measured twenty one inches around, nearly double the average.

What's even crazier about this is that this the second round of fittings for Bubba. Luckily, this second fitting seems to have worked out and Bubba now has some proper boots to fight fires in.

As Big D said, Bubba's calves are like Mount Everest, the Eiffel Tower or Niagara Falls, a true a wonder of the world. So much of a wonder that we could put Bubba in a glass booth and have people pay money to see his huge calves. People would truly be amazed and ahhed. Yeah, they're that big.

Big D and Bubba are on their Christmas and New Year vacation. Listen to the "Best Of" Big D and Bubba Monday through Friday morning on 101.5 KNUE.

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