When I went to high school in Los Angeles, CA, my view during lunch was of gray asphalt lined with chalk so some of us could play football after we were done eating our pizza and burritos. But ever since I moved to Texas I've been constantly wide-eyed from the beautiful scenery that perpetually surrounds me - even at schools.

Aceable and Wide Open Country put out a list in recent memory called The 25 Most Beautiful High Schools in Texas and I'm proud to say a school in our own backyard ranked No. 4 out of the entire lone star state. If you went there, we want to know if you agree. And if you don't agree, let us know what should have made the cut.

The Brook Hill School in Bullard was deemed one of the top 5 most stunning campuses in Texas.

The Day and Boarding School sits on 280 acres in Bullard, Texas - just south of Tyler  and north of Jacksonville - serving students K-12.

El Paso High School was ranked No. 1 


Lubbock High School was ranked No. 2


Thomas Jefferson High School (San Antonio) was ranked No. 3


The Brook Hill School in Bullard had the No. 4 spot 


TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas (San Antonio) rounded out the the top 5

To find out which Texas schools made the next 20, check out the article at Aceable.


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