Travel is a bit challenging these days, and for those who are determined to still go places new options are available.

What if you could fly on a semi-private jet out of Dallas?

Commercial airlines are struggling with all types of challenges from limited staff to fewer bookings with new variants of Covid-19 continuing to show up into 2022.

For those of us who are still determined to travel, a new option just a couple of hours from Tyler and Longview is available. Many of us in East Texas choose to drive to Dallas to catch a flight from DFW or from Dallas Love Field rather than fly out of regional airports for many reasons.

A new airline, JSX, is offering a limited number of flights on their 30 seater jets to a few locations. Wanting to make a quick hop to Houston Hobby or Austin?

You can do it on JSX. Non-stop flights from Dallas to Austin start at $139 daily one way. Headed to H-Town? That daily flight starts at $239. Yes, you’re spending about $300-500 round trip, but if you have the cash and don’t want to drive it looks to be a pretty unique experience.

Cabin service includes alcoholic beverages and snacks, and there’s plenty of room to stretch out if you have long legs. The seats appear to be larger than the average regional jet seats, and the layout is 1-1 seating. Everyone gets a window seat.

JSX also offers flights to Miami and Las Vegas. This is a sure fire way to elevate your next girls’ trip or bachelorette get a way. Yes, you’re elevating the price of your ticket, but you won’t deal with long lines checking in or dealing with TSA. In fact, you get to hang out in the hangar while you wait for your flight.

Two checked bags are included in the price of your flight, and this is helpful as there are no overhead bins for your luggage on the aircraft. Even your rolling carry-on will need to be checked.

There’s no parking available at the Dallas terminal, so you’ll need to arrange for car service or utilize their valet parking, priced at $40 a day.

CEO Alex wilcox says the name JSX stands for, ‘joyful, simple, experience.’

With the limited crowds, the extra legroom and personal space on board, it appears to be just that with a slightly larger price tag.

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