Granger Smith is a happily married man today, but he admits he was kind of a "creep" in approaching his now-wife about getting together. During a chat with Taste of Country Nights, Smith reveals that he first contacted Amber via Facebook.

Before Smith was a rising star with a No. 1 hit under his belt, he was using Craigslist to help find girls to appear in his music videos. In 2009, Smith posted an ad in search of a leading lady for his "Don't Listen to the Radio" video.

“No one knew who I was, so we had to go to Craigslist and say, ‘Country singer looking for female girlfriend for music video role'," Smith recalls. But his self-proclaimed creepiness doesn't stop there.

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“This is where it gets shady again," he continues. "We went to a hotel conference room and they came in one at a time. They would talk for a second and then I would take a picture with them, like a prom date picture," Smith says of the unusual casting process.

His wife actually wasn't in the first draft of picks. In fact, Smith had already selected a girl to play opposite him in the video, but something didn't feel right — he didn't think it was a good fit. That's when he logged on to Facebook.

“That night, literally, on Facebook I see that little section that says, ‘Someone you may know’ and I see her picture and I was like, ‘That girl. Whoever that is, that’s who should be in the video.’”

He messaged Amber, and luckily, she was in. Creepy as he thinks it was, without that message, the two may never have met. It was a match made in country music music heaven — they've been married for six years now.

Smith's album, Remington, is on iTunes as of March 4, or pick up a copy wherever music is sold.

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