How many 'Alexa' devices are too many? I'm asking for a friend...

No, but really. How many devices does one family need inside their home. How often do you use yours, and what do you use it for. These are relevant questions as we have more than one in our home.

My husband recently visited a friend who had an Amazon echo. He had such a wonderful time asking Alexa to play music that he came home and asked me if I wanted one. I wasn't sure how we would put this device to use other than requesting it play our radio station, but I was fine with the purchase.

He looked them up, and decided that Amazon's promotional deal was too good to pass up, so he got two of them, and some smart bulbs and a plug. A few days later, he finds more promos, and then next thing I know we have six Alexa devices in our home.

We have two echoes, three of the echo plus devices and a show. Yes, we have one in practically every room in our house, including our garage... you know, so we can ask her to turn on the lights before we get into the house.

We have a new favorite gadget around our house, and believe it or not we use all of them. Mostly, we ask her to play music and the radio station, but I also love asking her, "Alexa, turn on the Christmas tree."

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