If you've ever sent a sexy pic to your wife or girlfriend ... well you're in the majority.

What does the sexting popularity mean for relationships in general?

new poll by psychologists says a whopping 88 percent of people have sexted, and 82 percent of us have done it in the past year.

Here's the definition of "sexting," so you can see if you fall into that category:

"...sending, receiving or forwarding sexually explicit messages, images or photos through electronic means, particularly between cell phones."

They surveyed people from age 18 to 82 to see who was sexting, and age didn't seem to make a difference. Grandma might be doing it, too! The reasons for sexting are interesting:  For pleasure, to please a partner, or to make ourselves feel better about ourselves.  Sometimes it's for them, and sometimes it's for us.

The question is, at what point in a relationship does it become a beneficial thing?  If a guy on Tinder asks for sexy pics after two message exchanges, it's annoying to me and a sign that I need to move on.

If it's something happy and healthy couples do after the relationship is established, I understand the benefits. The experts say it can draw couples closer.

One more way that technology is changing dating and relationships. And another reason you might want to lock the screen.

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