Technology can be fun, if you can figure out how to use it. I tried Facebook's new 3D option today and it's awesome!

While it's easy to use, there is a catch. It only works on with photos taken in portrait mode on iPhones that have a dual lens (7 plus, 8 plus, X, XS or XS Max). Sorry Android users...


If you have an iPhone like the ones listed above, here are the steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone, search for the Facebook 360 page. Like the Facebook 360 page.
  2. Force quit the Facebook app to close it. Then reopen the app.
  3. Start a new post, scroll down and select the "3D Photo Option."
  4. Your portrait photos will show up. Pick one of the photos and watch as the app configures it into a 3D image.
  5. Move your phone around to see the 3D action. If you like what you see, tap "next," add a caption and share away.

That's it. Remember, you can only turn portrait mode photos into a 3D photo, so keep that in mind when taking that next picture.

Facebook has a few tips on how to jazz up that cool photo even more.

So go ahead and have some fun. If you do, please share it with us on our Facebook page!

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