Grill season is upon us, but so is COVID-19!  What do you do?

Memorial day weekend is on the horizon and that means neighborhoods will be filled with the aroma of barbecue.

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However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic it has caused a bit of concern for having summertime cookouts with family and friends.

As I and the rest of the grill masters of America prepare to pull out our grills this weekend I would like to enjoy my time outside with my fellow neighbors while being practicing social distancing and I think I have found an option I could practice.

Michael Showers who is the executive chef at High West Distillery in Park City, Utah, and  not to mention he's knowledgeable in smoking, grilling, and barbecuing shared some of his grilling tips while conducting an interview on Fox News.

He suggested that while you and your neighbor are grilling outside find a spot where you are distancing yourself away possibly even if you're behind a fence.

Another tip shared is invite your friends to a virtual pot luck and share stories about your creations and who knows you might end up making a few of your friends dishes.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

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