The bluebonnet is the flower of Texas. According to the Dallas Morning News, the state legislature began debating the "issue" in 1901, settling on the Sandyland Bluebonnet as the bloom of the state.

As native Texans, we've always heard to never pick the flower as it is illegal. But, is it? There is no official state law that says so.

Just don't go after reading this and plan a bluebonnet picking party.

You see plenty of fields on the side of the highway. Make sure to park as far off the highway as possible before taking that ultimate selfie or photo shoot with the flower.

Also, don't trek onto someone's property to do the same. That can be considered trespassing, which is illegal.

Or, just head to Ennis for the Bluebonnet Trails Festival April 15 through 17 to celebrate our great flower.

Enjoy Texas' favorite wild bloom, but be smart about it.

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