There are few must-haves when you visit the incredibly diverse city of New Orleans, LA. First is beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Then, you have to get a grenade while walking down Bourbon Street. Hopefully you're there during Mardi Gras as well because it's the perfect time to grab yourself a Hurricane. But when I visited the Big Easy, I had no idea I could get a 3-gallon alcoholic drink. Excessive? Maybe. Challenge? Accepted.

INSIDER put out a video that makes me think I handled my last Mardi Gras all wrong - I didn't get to try (and fail) with any of these huge drinks.

Like Pat O'Brien's monster Hurricane called 'the Magnum'. According to Insider, you'll be drinking three gallons of booze, so hopefully you brought a friend with you.

Then you got 'Huge Ass Beers', which is exactly as advertised. I've drank beer from a straw once before, but in this case, it makes sense. Plus you can party with them without worrying about spilling your drink. One of these equals six whole beers, so maybe double-fisting isn't in the cards.

The third drink they highlight is an impressive looking Bloody Mary topped with bacon, shrimp, green beans, and bread. It looks amazing, but I think we have a few spots in East Texas that rival New Orleans' famous morning hangover cure.

And lastly, they highlight Rocket Fizz, which we used to have in Tyler! That's certainly one business I'd like to bring back.

What outlandish or monstrous drinks have you come across in your neighborhood? We want to share with our community!

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