We have a major problem when it comes to our kids getting the education they need and deserve.  Now, before I go on, this has nothing to do with our local teachers and administrators. I sincerely believe that these folks are the glue that is holding our weak fabric of education together.

It seems that every East Texas teacher, administrator, and superintendent is at the very least disappointed with the state and federal level lawmakers and boards that make the education decisions.

The latest round of budget cuts by the Texas legislature is certainly one big negative.  Another, is the testing method used to evaluate our kid’s progress.  We’ve gone from TAKS Tests to STAAR Testing, which according to most all teachers I’ve talked to is a move from bad to worse.  The biggest criticism is that we’ve gone from teaching a well-rounded curriculum to one based simply on passing one test.

What do you think?  First, answer the quick question about the quality of our kid’s education, and please feel free to comment on what you think other problem areas are and what could be done to correct these issues.

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