There's a tasty Texas treat that seems to find a home on any meal. Queso is by far a favorite that I must have when eating Mexican food.  In fact, I ate queso over the weekend at Torchy’s and it was so good I had to have it again the following day.

Obviously it goes well with chips, but a Texas Monthly article asked a very important question: Is Queso as a Salad Dressing Texas-Kosher? The answers were a mixed bag on their Facebook - some saying heck no, and others saying there's nothing they wouldn't top queso over.

I immediately cringed because to have it on a traditional salad doesn’t sound appealing.  C'mon, don't look like that!  When I think of salad dressing I think of the traditional dressings: Thousand Island, Caesar, Italian, and even Ranch, but not queso!  Then again I put salsa on my scrambled eggs so who am I to judge.

This actually sparked a debate!  So, where do you go to get answers to your question?  No, not google!  You go to Facebook.  The question was posted by our editor Jason and the responses were crazy!  From “simmering chicken in it to cheese fries” or “Fajita Baked Potato”, seems like you can’t go wrong with queso as an added topping.


Here's a list of some of our favorites (the most popular are in bold):

  • Deep-fried queso
  • Put it in a pinata and watch it rain down on unsuspecting victims
  • Mac n' Queso
  • Ultimate Grilled Cheese
  • The most delicious face paint ever
  • King Ranch Casserole topped with queso
  • Drink it
  • Pour it on a frito pie
  • Queso fountain (instead of chocolate fountain)
  • Substitute for candle wax
  • On your pizza
  • Eggs (better yet, breakfast tacos)
  • Bathe in it
  • Queso fries

Notice how no one said anything about salad... at all!

Also, look at the pic below. That is deep-fried queso on top of a pulled pork sandwich.

So to all you Queso lovers it seems like the possibilities are endless if you would like to top it with your favorite food.  I am curious about what you guys like to top Queso with when you are having something to eat.  Now here's a thought, how bout topping Queso on a taco salad?  That would be something worth trying, but on a regular salad?  Pass the Thousand Island......

Jason Eisenberg via Facebook
Jason Eisenberg via Facebook

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