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Ladies, do you automatically expect the man to reach for the check on a first date or would you rather split the bill? Is it awkward to go dutch? Guys, does it offend you if she offers to help pay? Do you let her pay if she offers and would you ever let her pay for the whole meal? What if there's no future for another date? There are so many questions! I think we can agree that trying to navigate the dating world is more confusing than ever.

New research says that 56% of people think you should always split the bill on the first date. On top of that, 68% expect the other person to at least offer to split the check. While I think manners dictate that one should always offer to help with the tab, I'm not sure that I agree with the majority of folks wanting to go dutch on their first date. What if you order something really expensive? Who asked who out? Who picked the restaurant? Did you get an appetizer? There are a ton of variables to take into account. Maybe I don't believe folks want to split the bill because I'm surrounded by southern gentlemen? Clearly, I don't have the answers, so I decided to ask my friends on Facebook. Check out what everyone had to say, feel free to leave your own thoughts and give me a follow;)

Tomorrow's show should get interesting... You're out on a first date. Should you split the bill? Is it an automatic...

Posted by Erin Bristol on Monday, February 8, 2021

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