In this day and age, we have to stay vigilant and aware of our surroundings when we go out in public or go shopping. Have you ever been to a store and heard the employees making announcements of the speakers in the store? Do you listen to them or ignore them? You may want to start listening a little closer to the announcements and here is why.

Each retailer always has different code words and announcements to alert their employees of things happening in the store which tells them what they need to do. For example, you may hear an announcement like Scan section four could mean employees need to go to that section of the store and look for "Shoplifters".

You may not have known this but there are special codes Walmart uses that could save your life and we wanted to share them with you.

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According to, Walmart uses four types of codes that you can hear over their intercoms. They are colors, numbers, letters, and a couple of word codes. For example, if you hear Code Red at Walmart it means there is a fire somewhere in the store.

The code you never want to hear while at Walmart is Code Brown. If you hear that at a Louisiana Walmart, it means there is an active shooter on the premises and you will need to exit the store immediately.

So the moral of the story is you may want to pay a little more attention to the announcements when they are made, especially if you are inside a Texas Walmart store.

Mass shootings, unfortunately, in public areas have become a common thing all across the United States. It is good to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings and make sure to pay attention to announcements at venues and stores that you utilize.

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