I'm planning on making a road trip from Lubbock, Texas to Northern Minnesota to visit my friends next week, and I've been making a list of all of the goodies I want to bring to town for them to snack on that you can typically only find in Texas.

Over the years, I've shown up there with all kinds of treats, and they are definitely expecting them this time around, too. I'm like the Texas Santa Claus, except, mainly just a 34-year-old woman covered in tattoos and cat hair that loves her dudes and dudettes up north. Same diff, right?

So, what's on the docket for this trip? What kind of yummy surprises will I have in my bag of tricks? Check out this gallery of my absolute favorite goodies to give to friends that have never been to Texas.

8 Tasty Texas Treats to Give to Friends That Live Far Away

Delicious things to give your pals that are missing out on Texas staples.

What am I missing? Tell me in a comment below this article and I'll add it to my list!

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