Everything is bigger in Texas. We have plenty of cheesy landmarks, kitschy roadside attractions, and enough biggest things in the world to keep retired boomers busy on multiple summer RV road trips. We pride ourselves in our big things. Knowing all this, how big is the biggest bar where everything is already big? It's really big.

How Big Is The Biggest Bar In Texas?

The title of "biggest bar" in the state where everything is bigger belongs to Kirby's Ice House in The Woodlands. Kirby's prides itself in being a big place already. There are multiple locations and all of them boast big patios, plenty of space for your big parties, and in the The Woodlands they claim the biggest place to pony up for a cold brew in the Lone Star State.

The bar at the Kirby's Ice House in The Woodlands is 141 square feet, which makes it the "longest bar in Texas".

How Long Is 141 Square Feet?

Deciding to do some light detective work, I went to Google and asked the all-knowing search superpower how long 141 feet is in yards. If you're a football fan, you know where I'm going with this.

141 feet comes out to 47 yards, which is just three yards shy of being half of the field of play in football (that means a football field minus both endzones). Now, imagine yourself sitting at a bar that is almost the length of half of a football field. It sounds like heaven. No more awkward strangers squeezing in too close because there isn't enough room. No more having to overhear every single conversation happening at the bar. Imagine with me, if you will, sitting at a bar and being able to enjoy your drink in peace.

I think we need more bars to step up to the plate and try to unseat the current record holder. If nothing else, we get more space to sit down even if they don't take the title.

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