This week has been a tough one, and it's only Wednesday. It's a big week at work, I have a lot of plans coming up, and I'm fighting my hardest to get back on a good routine. As luck would have it, I'm having issues with something many of us are facing at the moment.

You know, I'm really sick and tired of my allergies killing me in Amarillo.

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Come To Find Out, We Should Have Seen This Coming...

Apparently, and I just discovered this bit of information no more than two minutes ago, allergy season, for several allergies, involves the month guessed it...August.

Oh, and that heat wave you've been hearing about? Apparently that makes it easier for us to have a rough allergy season. It has something to do with making it easier for allergens to float around and make your life a living snot covered hell.

So, the lady that told me the culprit was "the heat" earlier today wasn't that far off.

How To Fight Back Against Your Texas Allergies

I'm not a doctor and will never pretend to be one because I can't afford the legal trouble. So instead, I'll tell what I'm doing to get me through.

  • Blow your nose. Sounds simple and easy, but remember how three years ago the whole world was chanting "wash your hands" because some people forgot the mechanics of going to the bathroom? Same thing here. It's so simple you don't even think to do it. Blow your nose.

For me, it's the biggest one. If that junk gets down into my chest and lungs, it's game over. I'll get really sick, really fast. It always happens that way.

  • Stay hydrated. I've been drinking a lot more water than usual. Stay hydrated; stay healthy. It seems to be helping. Especially with the sore throat.

Which reminds me, I recommend a good herbal tea. There are plenty of places to get one that suits your pallet. It doesn't have to taste like the inside of a dirty boot to be good for you. Find something you like.

  • Sleep, sleep, and more sleep. I've started going to bed earlier and trying to get more rest. I hear sleeping does wonders for staying healthy.
  • Eat, and eat well. Don't consume junk. If your body is trying to fight some stuff off, give it the best fighting chance. Soda and bag of potato chips isn't going to fuel what you hope is the winning side.

Good luck out there.

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