There is a fun-looking house currently for sale in Tyler, Texas. What shocked me about this place was that as soon as I started looking through the photos it was incredible how set up this property was for having friends and family over to have a good time. Okay, the outdoor pool and rock, waterfall, fountain and swim-up bar area makes this one of the coolest and most affordable homes in Texas. 

This 4 bedroom and 3-bathroom single family home is located at 3614 Brookview Court in Tyler, Texas 75707. The house was built in 2005 and comes with a 2-car garage. The home is 2,691 square feet on 0.3 acres of land. It’s within the community known as The Woods which is a beautiful area on the southeast side of Tyler.  

The Home is Perfect for a FUN Family 

While I am not a home designer, I love the open concept in this home. It makes it feel even larger and then when you see the blue cabinets in the kitchen it just makes the house look like fun. This home seems like it is set up for a family who enjoy having fun. 

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The Outdoor Area is Next Level 

I can’t say enough great things about the outdoor area that is set up at this residential property. The pool and hot tub are fantastic. But there is also a mounted TV, grill, sink, and kegerator for inviting friends or family over to watch sports.  

You’re going to have fun looking through the photos of this house in Tyler.  

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